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Place ethics at the forefront
of your curriculum.

By demonstrating how to easily insert vegan ethics into the core of your organisation, Veducation Consultancy will enhance, advance and safeguard your vision, elevating all areas which underpin who you are.

Place inclusion at the forefront of your curriculum.

By demonstrating how to easily insert vegan-inclusive techniques into the core of your curriculum, Primary Veducation can enhance, advance and safeguard your classroom, elevating all areas which underpin how inclusive you are.

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Primary Veducation is a free consultancy service that promotes vegan inclusion within Primary Schools. Schools with vegan children attending are welcome to contact Primary Veducation as part of your CPD and arrange a staff meeting. Vegan parents are also welcome to call upon our expertise should any difficulties arise between yourselves and the school in which your children attend.

Primary Veducation was established in 2018 by Laura Chepner a former primary school teacher with SENCo experience with the aim of promoting vegan awareness and vegan-inclusion in schools throughout the UK.

The themes and messages that we cover are easily digestible, factual, and relevant and can be transferred across the continents. We do not use graphic images or expect you to become vegan off the back of our collaboration.  From client feedback, we guarantee that you are left with a gratifying feeling that comes with the realisation that you hold the power to become more inclusive and improve lives.

Having a true understanding of what veganism is, and then implementing some simple changes to your planning, language and behaviour, can make a vegan child of any age, and in any area of society, feel included and respected.

We are all in this together.


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Staff Training

A specialist vegan consultant with years of inclusion experience can show you
exactly how to provide a vegan-inclusive environment both for your staff and for
your children. Within the presentation, in person or virtually, you will be shown the world through the vegan child’s eyes and then how to then differentiate for that accordingly. We share simple hints, tips and techniques which can be used around school.

Parental Support

If you are a parent with a vegan child in mainstream education and you have come up against some difficulties, we can act as an intermediary between yourselves and the school. We will assist you in writing letters requesting vegan food if you have previously been denied. We are also more than happy to communicate with individual teachers regarding unsuitable topics and language that may have been used in class.


We have created several resources for schools to use including, ‘An Educator’s Guide for Vegan-Inclusive Teaching’ which can be shared with all teachers as the vegan child progresses through school. In addition, we have created a Year 1, Teacher’s Pack to accompany the text ‘Vivi the Supervegan’ by Tina Newman.

Primary Veducation is also able to hold in-class workshops as well as whole school assemblies.

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