More School Invites Please

If you’d like me to send a letter just like this to your school, please email me.


Dear School,

My name is Laura Chepner and I am offering you a free resource! Yes, Free!

I work in your area and have recently set up my own consultancy business. As I build up my confidence and client base I am not charging for my first visit, so if what you read is relevant please do get in touch.

I am ‘Primary Veducation’ a Teaching and Learning Consultant for Vegan Inclusive Primary Schools. My aim is not to turn you or your staff Vegan, but to educate in a friendly and informative way on the principles of Veganism and what you can do to be more inclusive as a school based on those facts.

If you have a Vegan child, children or staff member at your school they would benefit greatly from their teachers, peers or fellow staff understanding and valuing their perspectives.



During your half an hour presentation with time for Q&A afterwards I will explain the main reasons why a family or child may have decided to choose the Vegan lifestyle* and expel some myths about it too.  This will enable all present to see the world through the Vegan child’s eyes and be able to plan accordingly for this in the future. I will then provide easy lesson ideas, simple tweaks to practice, vocabulary recommendations and other useful and manageable hints and tips to enable your classroom to be as Vegan inclusive as possible.

*There will be no gory photos or videos.


It may be that there is only one Vegan child in your school and that it would benefit that individual if their Teacher or Key Worker became the ‘Head Vegan Inclusive Staff Member’. I am sure that you could think of a fancier name. They could then be responsible for passing information on as the child progresses through the school.

During the allotted time I can support Teachers and Teaching assistants in writing* their LTPs, MTPs or STPs to ensure that the Vegan perspective has been incorporated.

*I was SENCo in my last full time job as a Teacher and am currently working part time on Supply. Therefore, I still have my finger on the pulse with the current curriculum and can be flexible with dates for visiting your school.


One thing that I have learnt over the years is that Vegan children wish that their peers understood what Veganism is and can feel isolated the longer this misunderstanding continues. I am happy to go into classrooms EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and talk about Veganism on their level. It can be part of a debate scenario for KS2 or ‘I Don’t Eat Dairy’ story based lessons differentiated for younger children. I would also be happy to perform whole school assemblies.


After my visit a change in your policy might be necessary with the positive addition of, ‘Vegan inclusive’. I would be able to assist with this and provide you with a certificate to celebrate your fully inclusive school.


Thank you.

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