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Laura Chepner

Lead Consultant

Hi, I'm Laura, Lead Consultant
at Primary Veducation

I graduated in 2001 with a BA Hons in Primary Education with a specialism in Global Citizenship. I followed on to be a Primary School teacher and then SENCo, in Oldham, Greater Manchester.  After making the lifestyle switch to veganism in 2014, whilst weaning my daughter, I had my epiphany moment and decided to dedicate the rest of my life to spreading awareness. I loved being a teacher, and a SENCo even more, but felt that I had to leave the profession and become a vegan advocate.

In 2015 I became Company Director of Lolo’s Vegan Restaurant and Bar. I had thirteen vegan staff and a whole heap of happy customers delighted to see vegan choices in their rural town of Ramsbottom. This was my first opportunity to research, implement and maintain consistent vegan ethics from start to finish and within a business model.

Fast forward a couple of years and due to ill health, unfortunately, I had to sell the business on. The silver lining though was Primary Veducation!
After a long recovery I soon found my passion for teaching again and started to supply in and around my town.

I began to wonder how I could fully combine my newfound skills as a company director with my passions of teaching and veganism, especially as my own daughter was starting primary school. After being refused a vegan school dinner on her first day I decided that a consultancy group that visited staff rooms to discuss vegan inclusion was my goal. Teachers needed to become more aware of veganism and with thousands more children and parents choosing to become vegan it became apparent that this consultancy service would be the perfect way to move forward.

I have since written a book and many articles that educators can use as a guide for vegan inclusion. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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