Primary Veducation


How it works...

Imagine how special your vegan child will feel knowing that their school, teacher and peers not only respect their way of life, but that they understand it too.

Secondly, during the next third of our presentation we provide you with the tools that will enable you to become vegan-inclusive. As a former teacher, your presenter will appreciate that you are busy people and that in order for you to make real change you should be shown, in easy to implement steps, how that can be achieved. We cover all statutory subjects from EYFS to KS2 providing hints, tips, guidance and all of the positive outcomes that go along with becoming vegan-inclusive.

Finally, we conclude with a Q and A session and an opportunity to look at some resources that can support your vegan-inclusive transition. With this clarification section we provide the opportunity for you to reflect on what you have just heard and then think about the next steps as a whole staff. It is always quite remarkable at this point to see how willing teachers are to make simple tweaks to their practice and ask as many questions as possible to move clearly from the grey area into black and white.

Did I mention that Lead Consultant Laura is a Mum of a vegan daughter too?

Excerpt from ‘Veducated! Guidebook’ 2019