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An Educator's Guide for Vegan - Inclusive Teaching

This honest, informative, and practical guide contains useful facts, hints, tips, and ready-to-use lesson plans all with the vegan child’s viewpoint in mind. Suggestions made are easily digestible and executable as Chepner brings with her many years of teaching experience.

The book was written with primary educators in mind, though the material is applicable across various age groups and educational settings. Veducated! will assist education professionals in ensuring that the growing number of vegan students in our classrooms are treated equally, which will not only assist learning for the vegan child, but may also have a profound effect on the whole educational ethos and beyond.

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Vegan School Food Standards

Nurseries and EYFS

Year 1: Teacher's Resource Pack

We believe that ‘Vivi the Supervegan’ is the perfect addition to any school library, so much so, that we have designed and created a Year 1 Teacher’s Resource Pack! We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Hopefully, this will enable ‘Vivi the Supervegan’ to be used as a muse to teach key skills through in more and more schools. This pack, created by a teacher for teachers, covers all of the Year 1 Literacy objectives, including additional worksheets for all of Phase 2 Phonics. All worksheets come already differentiated, most include self assessment opportunities and they are editable. The beautiful sheet designs are inspired by the book enabling a consistent look in the children’s workbooks. In addition, this pack includes planning examples, images, PowerPoints and wall displays which provide you with peace of mind and a range of teaching methods.

Introducing a brand new character and new text can seem daunting, but….Vivi, she’s Super… and so are you!

To learn more about Vivi the SuperVegan click here.

Customer Reviews

Amazing Amazing!!!

This book is amazing!! As a vegan parent I am going to gift this to their School. I decided to read it first and could not put it down!! I was up till 3am reading it. Every School should have access to a copy. I found it quite emotional at the start as it made me see the world thought the eyes of a vegan child. It was full to the brim of valuable information and lesson plan ideas for Teachers to make their vegan pupils feel included. I certainly learnt alot. I like the fact that nothing was sugar coated and it was black and white facts. I think it is a fantastic resource for Teachers and parents alike. I can recommend it enough!! Top Mark’s!!

Lucy Wright

Amazon Customer

Every school needs this!

This book is so important and should be in every school! With more and more people transitioning to veganism for ethics, environmental or health reasons, teachers and schools need to adapt and learn how to become vegan-friendly and inclusive. This book is the perfect resource for this. Well done Laura Chepner, keep up the amazing work!

Mr Peter J Newman

Amazon Customer

It's what every inclusive school teacher needs to know

Read the book in one morning. Easy to follow, comprehensive guide for educators to make the school environment more inclusive to vegan children. As the care-giver of a vegan child, I can see how difficult it can be for him being offered non-vegan options in all walks of school life, from the classroom to the canteen to field trips. This guide should be read by any educator wishing to provide an inclusive environment for all pupils, written from the perspective of the author who is a teacher and the parent of a vegan child.

Nicola Picola

Amazon Customer