“You may never be vegan but at the very least you will begin to see the world though your vegan child’s eyes and with this new perspective you’ll feel more confident in making the necessary, but often simple changes to your practice.”

Excerpt from ‘Primary Veducation Guidebook’ 2019

What is the cost?1F3069A4-6F4A-46B7-B5C2-3DB4333E6C8A

I am FREE! I am able to provide half days, full days or staff meeting visits.

Do not let the worry of a price put you off, as a former teacher and SENCo I fully understand budget. Please get in touch.

How far will you travel? 1F3069A4-6F4A-46B7-B5C2-3DB4333E6C8A

We are currently based in the North West of the UK and will travel further with enough notice. I do hope to expand and have someone closer to your region soon.

Do you have any resources that we can purchase1F3069A4-6F4A-46B7-B5C2-3DB4333E6C8A

The Primary Veducation Guide Book will be released shortly. Please get in touch if you’d like to pre-order your copy.

Do you show slaughterhouse footage?1F3069A4-6F4A-46B7-B5C2-3DB4333E6C8A

No. There are no gory photographs or videos in my presentations. I will share links to the most informative and educational videos available and then it is up to the individual if they wish to watch these, or not, in their own time.

Are you hiring new consultants?1F3069A4-6F4A-46B7-B5C2-3DB4333E6C8A

Currently no, however, I am in the process of expansion and will eventually have consultants all over the UK. Please get in touch if you would like to be contacted in the future, teaching experience is essential.

Can you do Secondary or F.E? 1F3069A4-6F4A-46B7-B5C2-3DB4333E6C8A

Yes, I am Primary trained, however, I can work alongside secondary schools to create an appropriate curriculum.

Once Primary Veducation is fully established nationwide we hope to launch ‘Secondary Veducation’.