Veducated!: An Educator’s Guide for Vegan-Inclusive Teaching Paperback


Veducated is a guidebook for education professionals who wish to learn more about veganism, how to engage with children and parents who are vegan, and how to incorporate lessons and policies to be as inclusive as possible. This honest, informative, and practical guide contains useful facts, hints, tips, and ready-to-use lesson plans all with the vegan child’s viewpoint in mind. Suggestions made are easily digestible and executable as Chepner brings with her many years of teaching experience. The book was written with primary educators in mind, though the material is applicable across various age groups and educational settings. Veducated will assist education professionals in ensuring that the growing number of vegan students in our classrooms are treated equally, which will not only assist learning for the vegan child, but may also have a profound effect on the whole educational ethos and beyond.

Dimensions 14.22 × 1.02 × 21.59 cm


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