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Primary Veducation is Crowdfunding!!

💷 Let me tell you why I am teaming up with Vegan Business Tribe and Crowdfunder UK 💷

👩‍🏫For years I’ve been supporting parents asking educators to become vegan-inclusive for their vegan children. I coined the phrase ‘Vegan-inclusive teaching’ & have been on a mission ever since.

🤔Having been a teacher, I know that I can’t just ask teachers to become vegan-inclusive without showing them why & then supporting them with ideas, hints, tips & resources afterwards. Veganism is misunderstood too much!

⭐As the only Vegan-inclusive Education Specialist who goes into schools to talk about the implementation of a vegan-inclusive curriculum, I’ve gained many skills. I now see that to have the biggest impact I should share these in an online, CPD accredited course.

💷The best way to get my message across is to produce a course that global educators can purchase, use, reuse & implement, but they are expensive to create (I’ll need some training) & to become CPD certified!

‘Primary Veducation’ has been a *FREE* service that has helped countless kids & now this CPD accredited course feels like the next organic step.

Can you help me?
✔️Vegan parents
✔️Vegan Teachers
✔️Humane Educators

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